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SEO Link Exchange User Guide


Getting Started

Get started in four easy steps.

  1. Register
  2. Login
  3. Validate Site
  4. Exchange Links


Link Exchange P1

To register, just simply fill out the appropriate information on the provided form. Please note a password will be sent to the provided email. You may change it once you have logged in.

You may also automatically add your links from if you have a sitemap.xml file located on the root of your domain.

  1. Domain Name - This is the domain name for your website (e.g.
  2. Email Address - Email address where password and any other communication from NetBoost PRO will go to.
  3. Category - Category in which your links will be displayed. This is configurable per link, so after you log in you can change the category for each link.
  4. Sub-Category - Sub-Category in which your links will be displayed. This is configurable per link, so after you log in you can change the sub-category for each link.
  5. Auto Scan - Optional, if selected the registration process will scan your site using your sitemap and automatically enter your links for you. You can update your links at anytime under Link Management after you log in.
  6. Sitemap - Name of your sitemap. Require if Auto Scan is selected. The sitemap must reside in the root directory of the domain.


Link Exchange P2

  1. Domain Name - Domain name used in the registration process.
  2. Password - The password that was sent during registration or current password.

Site Validation

Link Exchange P3

To validate your site please follow the directions on the screen. You may create your own links page or download a Links Page and customize it.

PHP USERS: Download PHP Links Page

ASP USERS: Download ASP Links Page

JSP  USERS: Download JSP Links Page

Note: You must update the Site ID in the Link Page to reflect the Site ID given during the validation process.

If you need assistance with another language, please email requesting this script in the language that you wish.

To customize your links page to fit your site you can set the style of the data using the following classes.


Members Home

Link Exchange P4

  1. Message Board - Used to communicate with other domains without exposing your email addess.
  2. Status Board:
        a. Account Type - Type of Account
        b. Account Status - Displays current account status.
        c. Number of Link - Current number of link you have defined and are able to exchange.
        d. Exchanged Links - Current number of exchanged links.
        e. Pending Exchanges:
            i.  Outbound - Number of requested link exchanges made by you.
            ii. Inbound - Number of requested link exchanges made to you from other domains.
        f. Filtered Domains - Number of Domains filtered out and are not eligible to exchange with.

Manage Links

Link Exchange P5

When you first go in to Manage Links, the screen will be in insert mode. This allows you to add as many links as you want. Comments are optional; they provide information to other sites. For example, if you only wish to exchange links with PR5 or higher, you can put that in the comments.

Link Exchange P6

To update an existing link, just select the link you want to edit from the grid and update the desired information. The updates will take effect immediately on the links pages of all your exchanged links.

User Preferences

Link Exchange P7

User preferences allow you to configure your account and set your password.

Filter Domains

Link Exchange P8

Filter Domains removes your links from the selected filtered domain. It also removes that domains links form the Available Links page under Link Exchange.

To filter a domain, select the filter checkbox. Note, that domains you have exchanges links with cannot be filter and will not appear in the domain list.

Link Exchange P9

To remove a filter, just unselect the filter checkbox. Once unfiltered you links will become available to that domain and that domains links will become available to you.

Available Links

Link Exchange P10

Available Links page under Link Exchange shows all the non filtered domain links. You may locally filter the links by Domain, Category, or Sub-Category. You may view the available link or the links page for any given domain.

Link Exchange P11

To request a Link Exchange simply double click on the Exchange Link column in the row that you want to exchange with. A drop down list of your links will appear. Simply select the link you want to exchange with that domain.

Link Exchange P12

After you select a link the Request Exchange button will become available. Press the Request Exchange button. A request will be generated to that domain and that link will be moved to your Outbound Request until the corresponding domain (Approves or Rejects).

If the corresponding domain has auto accept on, the link will show up automatically under your Exchanged Links. You will be notified if the link was automatically accepted.

Outbound Requests

Link Exchange P13

You may remove any Outbound Link Exchange Request under the Outbound Requests tab.

Link Exchange P14

To remove the outbound request, simply select the row that you want to remove the request for. The Remove Request button will become available. Select Remove Request.

Inbound Requests

Link Exchange P15

Inbound request are Link Exchange Requests from other domains. If you have Auto Accept turned on all request will be automatically accepted. If you have Email Notification turned on, you will receive and email letting you know that a request has been made.

Link Exchange P16

To accept or reject an inbound request, simply select the row of the request. The Approve and Reject buttons will become available. Select the desired action.

Exchanged Links

Link Exchange P17

The Exchanged Links tab shows you all of the links you have exchanged.

Link Exchange P18

To remove an exchange simply select the row that you want to remove. The Remove Exchange button will become available. Select Remove Exchange. This will automativly remove the link form your links page and the coresponding domain links page.

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