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SEO Report

NetBoost PRO is pleased to announce WEB-AID

Search Engine Optimization
Sample Optimization Report

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Website and Keyword Analysis Report

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NetBoost PRO - WEB-AID

This may be the biggest ROI (Return On Investment) you will ever get. For $6.95 you get a fully detailed website optimization report with the keyword analysis and advice you need to tune your website for targeted keywords. This website analysis report is generated with the best SEO sotfware on the market and provides you the key elements needed to achieve a high website ranking and ultimately the number one page rank position. In short, to be #1 in search engine ranking, it takes knowing the information provided in your optimization report.

 User Reviews

Please allow me to be the first to tell you, this does not happen overnight for the really good targeted keywords. Keyword analysis isn't hard and most of the corrections needed on your website are minor. However while trying to increase page rank, without knowing what correction to make, it seems impossible. Your website design maybe impeccable, but without the proper search engine strategy it will all be for nothing. So why waste a lot of time trying to learn SEO without any help, for a very small fee you can get the help you need.

You don't need to buy expensive SEO optimization tools or hire an SEO service company, that costs hundreds of dollars, to do page optimization for you. For $6.95 you get the same output, a detailed SEO report that will guide you through the necessary changes to bring your site rank up to #1. This SEO report is created using professional tools, the same SEO keyword tools and search engine optimization tools that SEO companies charge you hundreds of dollars for.

Even if you decide to use another SEO company to optimize your website, it makes sense and is very inexpensive to get a second opinion on what needs to be done. This way you don't have to worry about them saying your site needs to be completely reworked and charging you an arm and a leg.

You would be hard pressed to find a better deal than this. Before reading any further, please take a look at a sample report (your SEO guide) generated for search engine optimization. This is the detailed report that you will receive about your website and targeted keywords. Most importantly this report includes the search engine strategies and advice on the necessary changes that the free seo tools blank out.

Search Engine Optimization
Sample Optimization Report

As you may know, honesty on the web can be hard to find. There are more than a dozen scams promising to route targeted traffic to your site, along with traffic pumps and ways to increase your ranking. However, in the end there is only one way to increase your ranking and get the free targeted traffic you are looking for and that is to optimize your website (SEO - Search Engine Optimization).

Website and Keyword Analysis Report

Search Engine Friendly Websites - There are a lot of benefits to having an optimized website. The four main benefits that every website strives for are:

  1. Improve Search Engine Ranking
  2. Targeted Traffic
  3. Targeted Keywords
  4. Higher Quality of Score for Adwords, resulting in a lower CPC (Cost Per Click)

Unless you have deep pockets, the only way to achieve this is through optimization.

Optimizing your website isn't hard, there are some websites that want you to believe it is and they will charge you a lot of money to do it for you. There are free SEO tools that will help you, but a lot of them will blank out the SEO content and advice (which happens to be the piece you need) until you purchase the software which tends to be very expensive.

This report will help you to optimize your website for a high ranking on the search engine and for the search term you choose.

Search Engine Optimization Report - Your Detailed SEO Report will cover the following areas giving you the website optimization advice and necessary changes to increase your page rank to #1.

SEO Report
  1. Report overview
  2. Keyword use in document title
  3. Global link popularity of web site
  4. Link texts of inbound links
  5. Keyword use in body text
  6. Age of web site
  7. Keyword use in H1 headline texts
  8. Keyword use in domain name
  9. Keyword use in page URL
  10. Links from social networks
  11. Server speed
  12. Keyword use in H2-H6 headline texts
  13. Keyword use in IMG ALT attributes
  14. Top level domain of web site
  15. Keyword use in bold body text
  16. Number of visitors to the site
  17. Keyword use in same domain link texts
  18. Keyword use in outbound link texts
  19. Keyword use in same domain link URLs
  20. Keyword use in outbound link URLs
  21. SEO META Keyword use in description
  22. Number of trailing slashes in URL
  23. HTML validation of web page to W3C standards
  24. Readability level of web page
  25. SEO META keyword use in keywords
  26. Keyword use in the first sentence of the body text
  27. Keyword use in HTML comments
  28. Search engine compatibility
  29. Factors that could prevent your top ranking
  30. Table: Number of keywords
  31. Table: Keyword density
  32. Table: Keyword position
  33. Table: Number of words
  34. Table: Number of characters
  35. Table: Ranking factors digest

Languages - You may supply the keyword or keyword phase in the language covered by your selected targeted Search Engine.

Search Engines - We cover a lot of search engines around the world, so you can target your optimization to a geographical area or worldwide.

Below is a list of Search Engines available for optimization based on country. You may optimize your site for any of the following:.

Search Engines Available

Mayjor Search Engines (USA) (USA) (USA) (USA) (USA) (USA)
All The Web (USA)
Angola (Pesquisar a Web) (Pesquisar paginas em Portugues)
Argentina (la Web) (paginas de Argentina) (paginas en espanol) (la Web) (paginas de Argentina) (paginas en espanol) (en Argentina) (en Espanol) (en Internet) (en paginas de Argentina) (toda a web)
Australia (Australia) (Worldwide) (Only from Australia) (pages from Australia) (the web) (Only from Australia) (All of Yahoo) (Australia) (NZ Only)
Austria (Osterreich) (Weltweit) (deutschsprachiger Raum) (Das Web) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Seiten aus Osterreich) (Osterreich) (Weltweit) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Seiten aus Osterreich) (Das Web) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Seiten aus Osterreich)
Belgium Dutch (Belgie) Dutch (Wereldwijd) French (Belgique) French (Tous les pays) (het Internet) (Paginas in het Nederlands) (Paginas uit Belgie) French (Pages francophones) French (Pages: Belgique) French (Web) (Dutch) (French)
Brazil (Em toda web) (Somente paginas do Brasil) (a Web) (paginas do Brasil) (paginas em portugues) (en toda a web) (Somente paginas em portugues)
Canada French (Canada) French (Mondial) (English) (French) (Branchez-Vous) (le Web) (Web Francite) English (pages from Canada) English (the web) French (Pages francophones) French (Pages: Canada) French (Web) Canada only (English) Canada only (French) (English) (French) (All the Web) (Canada)
Chile (la Web) (paginas de Chile) (paginas en espanol)
China (pages from Hong Kong) (the web)
Colombia (la Web) (paginas de Colombia) (paginas en espanol)
Costa Rica (la Web) (paginas de Costa Rica) (Paginas en espanol)
Croatia (pretrai stranice na jeziku: hrvatski) (pretrai: Web)
Czech Republic (Prohledat Web) (Stranky pouze cesky) (cesky) (Cizojazycne)
Denmark (pa nettet) (sider fra Danmark) (sider pa dansk)
Estonia (Otsi eesti lehti) (Otsi Veebist) Engilsh
Finland (kaikilta web-sivuilta) (sivuja maasta: Suomi) (suomenkielislta sivulta) (Suomi)
France (France) (Tous les pays) (web mondial) (Tout le Web) (Pages francophones) (Pages: France) (Web) (pages de la France) (Web) (Web mondial) (dans toutes les langues) (en francais) (en France)
Germany (Deutschland) (Weltweit) (Deutschland) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Weltweit) (Das gesamte Web) (Deutsch) (Deutschland) (nur Deutsch) (Seiten aus Deutschland) (nach allen deutschsprachigen Inhalten) (nur innerhalb von Deutschland) (deutsch) (weltweit) (Das Web) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Seiten aus Deutschland) (Deutsch) (Weltweit) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Seiten aud Deutschland) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Seiten aud Deutschland) (Weltweit) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Weltweit)
Hungary (a web) (magyar nyelvu oldalak) (oldalak Magyarorszagrol)
Iceland (Leita a Vefnum) (Letita a vefsium a islensku)
India (pages from India) (the web) (Only from India) (All the Web) (India)
Ireland (only from Ireland) (pages from Ireland) (the web)
Italy (net web) (Italia) (Tutto il mondo) (il Web) (pagine in italiano) (pagine provenienti da: Italia) (In italiano) (Italia) (Tutto il web) (il Web) (pagine in italiano) (pagine provenienti da: Italia) (nel Web) (pagine in italiano) (pagine provenienti da: Italia) (Arianna) (In tutto il web) (Siti italiani) (Pagine in Italiano) (Tutto il Web)
Latvia (lapas latvie u valoda) (Latvijas lapas) (visa interneta)
Liechtenstein (das Web) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Seiten aus Liechtenstein)
Lithuania (le koti iniatinklis) (le koti tik puslapiu lietuviu kalba)
Malaysia (pages from Malaysia) (the web)
Mauritius (English) (Francais)
Mexico (la Web) (paginas de Mexico) (paginas en espanol) (Paginas de Mexico) (Solo paginas en espanol) (Toda a web)
Netherlands (Nederland) (Wereldwijd) (Nederlands) (Uit Nederland) (Het web doorzoeken) (Zoeken in Nederlasndse paginas) (nederlands) (wereldwijd) (Nederland) (Web) (het Web) (in het Nederlands)
New Zealand (New Zealand) (WorldWide) (pages from New Zealand) (the web) (NZ) (World) (NZ) (the Web)
Norway (Hele verden) (Norge) (dokumenter pa norsk) (nettet) (sider fra Norge) (Nettet) (Norge)
Peru (la web) (paginas de Peru) (paginas en espanol)
Philippines (kabuuang Web) (mga pahina mula sa Pilipinas)
Poland (Polski) (Szukaj w Internecie)
Portugal (Mundial) (Nacional) (a web) (paginas de Portugal) (paginas escritas em Portugues) (em lingua portuguesa) (paginas de Portugal) (toda a web)
Romania (pagini din Romania) (pagini scrise in limba Romana) (pe Web)
Singapore (pages from Singapore) (the web) (All The Web) (Singapore)
Slovenia (celotnem spletu) (straneh v dr avi Slovenija)
South Africa (SA Directory) (SA Web) (pages from South Africa) (the Web)
Spain (Espana) (International) (paginas de Espana) (paginas en espanol) (Toda la Web) (solo de Espana) (solo Espanol) (la Web) (paginas de Espana) (paginas en espanol) (en espanol) (Web) (en espanol) (en toda la web)
Sweden (Hela varlden) (Sverige) (sidor fran Sverige) (sidor pa svenska) (webben)
Switzerland Deutsch (Schweiz) Deutsch (Weltweit) French (Suisse) French (Tous les pays) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Seiten aus der Schweiz) (Weltweit) (Nur Deutsch) (Seiten aus: Schweiz) (Schweiz) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Welt) (das Web) (Pages francophones) (Pages Siusse) (pagine in Italiano) (pagine provenienti da Svizzera) (Seiten auf Deutsch) (Seiten aus Schweiz) FR (Web) (Deutsch, Seiten aus der Schweiz) (Deutsch, Web) (Francais, Pages de la Suisse) (Francais, Web) (Italiano, pagine dalla Svizzera) (Italiano, Web) (French) (German) (Liechtenstein) (Schweiz) (Welt) (Das Web)
Thialand (pages from Thailand) (the web)
Turkey (Turkce sayfalar) (Turkiye den sayfalar) (Web)
United Kingdom (U.K.) (Worldwide) (UK Sites) (Whole Web) (UK websites) (Worldwide web) (only from United Kingdom) (UK Search) (Web Search) (pages from the UK) (the web) (UK and Ireland) (Worlwide) (Only from United Kingdom) (UK sites) (web) (All of the web) (Ireland only) (UK only)
Uruguay (la Web) (paginas de Uruguay) (paginas en espanol)
United States
All The Web (Albanian results)
All The Web (any language)
All The Web (Arabic results)
All The Web (Bulgarian results)
All The Web (Catalan results)
All The Web (Chinese simp. results)
All The Web (Croatian results)
All The Web (Czech results)
All The Web (Danish results)
All The Web (Dutch results)
All The Web (English results)
All The Web (Estonian results)
All The Web (Farsi)
All The Web (Finnish results)
All The Web (French results)
All The Web (German results)
All The Web (Hebrew results)
All The Web (Icelandic results)
All The Web (Italian results)
All The Web (Korean results)
All The Web (Latvian results)
All The Web (Polish results)
All The Web (Portuguese results)
All The Web (Romanian results)
All The Web (Slovenian results)
All The Web (Spanish results)
All The Web (Thia results) (Worldwide) (Open Directory Project) (Web Pages) (USA) Blogsearch Mobile MSN (any language) MSN (Danish results) MSN (Dutch results) MSN (English results) MSN (Finnish results) MSN (French results) MSN (German results) MSN (Italian results) MSN (Norwegian results) MSN (Spanish results) MSN (Swedish results)
Netscape Search (Web Pages) (Directory Results) (USA) Y!Q
Venezuela (la Web) (paginas de Venezuela) (paginas en espanol)
Other Countries (Italiy) (American Samoa) (Japan) (Ukraine) (Greece) (Slovakia) (Russia)

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