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You will read many things on the internet about backlinks and link exchange strategies. Everyone knows how vital they are, but no one really knows the best approach. So whether you believe that the more backlinks the better or you believe only targeted backlinks is better. NetBoost PRO's link exchange gives you the flexibility to do both.

We can't say which approach is better, but we can say according to Google's Webmaster Tools this link exchange works.

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NetBoost PRO offers a new revolutionary way to find backlinks and track backlinks. Everyone knows how essential it is to increase backlinks to your web site, how important it is to get quality back links, and how hard it is to accomplish this. What makes NetBoost PRO's Automatic Link Exchange different from all others? This Link Exchange is a fully automated process, which means no more emails, no more pushing code, and no more begging people to exchange links. Unlike other link exchange sites, this is a true link exchange that allows deep link exchanges with other sites and it is fully automated.

Quality back links are essential to increase your page rank. NetBoost PRO allows you to selectively choose which web sites you want to exchange links with. This allows you to get those targeted backlinks.

Link Network
Link Exchange Network

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Link Exchanges Uncovered
There are many types of sites that do link exchanges. Some do a domain submission; this is like a swimming pool approach where you instantly exchange domain based backlinks with everyone. It is very hard to get quality backlinks with this approach and is more of link farming. Some sites extend this approach and allow you to deep link your pages. This is better but it tends to be lopsided. If your site only has 5 links you will get five back links from another site that might have 30 links. You would be providing 30 back links to the adjacent site.

Another issue with link exchanges is the use of leveraging your site to make money. Have you ever read this sales pitch? "1000 one way backlinks for $100.00" You don't actually think the site selling the backlinks own a thousand domains do you? These sites will leverage your links page by displaying backlinks to paying subscribers. While you are working hard to get your site recognized and increase your profits, someone else is profiting from your website. NetBoost PRO does not sell back links or own a sister site that sells links. The only links displayed on your links page are the reciprocal links to the websites that you exchanged links with.

NetBoost PRO also keeps things balanced. If your site only has 5 links and the adjacent site has 10 links, we only allow the adjacent site to swap 5 of the 10 links with your site.

Link Exchange

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Common Problems with Link Exchanges
  1. Usage of email to make the Link Exchange.
  2. After the exchange your link can be removed.
  3. Monitoring exchanged links is tedious and manual.
  4. Your link can be moved or changed without your consent.
  5. Link Exchange sites ask you to abide by the rules, no enforcement.
  6. To request a Link Exchange you have to email each site individually.
  7. To add new link exchanges you have to manual update your site.
  8. Your email address becomes subject to spamming.
  9. The page your link sits on may not be link to the main domain.
  10. Updating your links requires someone else to do it for you via email.
NetBoost PRO Solution
  1. Absolutely no use of email.
  2. If your link is removed after the exchange, their backlink is automatically from your site.
  3. NetBoost PRO audits your exchanged links for you.
  4. The site you exchanged links with cannot alter your link.
  5. Both you and the site you exchange links with must abide by the same rules. If one party breaks the rules both links will be removed automatically.
  6. Requesting a link exchanged is easy and anonymous through your Dashboard, letting your website speak for you.
  7. No manual intervention, you request… they approve… or vice versa… The links will automatically start showing up on the corresponding website.
  8. No email addresses used in the exchange, you are only known by you Domain name.
  9. All reciprocal link display pages must be linked to the main domain.
  10. You can easily make changes to the title or description of your link at any time, the changes will automatically be applied.

Reciprocal Link Overview

Link Exchange

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So what makes a successful link exchange? In short, participation. NetBoost PRO will make it easy for you to exchange links. Setup is easy and your account is highly configurable. For example, you can configure you account to automatically send you an email letting you know someone has request a link exchange. You can also configure you account to automatically accept the link exchange and then later review the exchange. After reviewing the reciprocal link is it doesn't meet your satisfaction you can simply remove the exchange.

Prior to requesting any link exchanges, you can easily review the available web pages that other websites wish to exchange. You can also review where your link will be on the corresponding website. You can filter the available web pages based on Domain, Category, and Subcategory.

Prior to accepting any link exchanges, you can easily review the web page that other website has requested to exchange. You can also review where your link will be on the corresponding website. You can filter the available web pages based on Domain, Category, and Subcategory. You can easily identify which of your links they have requested an exchange with.

NetBoost PRO also allows you to easily filter out domains that have no relevance to your site. This enables you to only see quality links that are similar or in your targeted market.

NetBoost PRO also audits all participating websites. If a website fails an audit, their links will automatically stop being displayed until their website has been revalidated.

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